Showa Speaking Students

Hitomi Cup Winner: 2nd Place!


On November 9th, English speaking contest called “Hitomi Cup” was held at Showa Women’s University.
I passed the pre-contest, and on the day I delivered my speech at the final contest.

There were 11 speakers, not only SWU students but also students of other universities like Waseda and ICU. I was very nervous, but all of the cheers from my friends, teachers and family supported me very much.

I think I did my BEST. I was able to tell my thinking to the audiences passionately. An finally, I got 2nd prize on the contest! I got a certificate, trophy and i Pad!!! Yay! This is my memorable day for me.

At last, I want to introduce sweet gift from my friend. She gave this chocolate to me before the day of contest. I am very glad that I have such a kind, wonderful friend. Thank you very much.