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SWU is Showa Women’s University. Cool is for Cool English, a community (not a class), where Showa students can use English to communicate about whatever you like.

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Our swucool Team Leaders

swucool team
Miyuki, Shiori, Nonoha, Ren, Chihiro, Aiha, Yuka, Hinata

Our Creative team (Nonoha, Aiha, Shiori) searches the Internet for daily links to interesting information in English. Our Delivery team (Yuka and Ren) make sure it is in a good format for you to read daily. Chihiro is in charge of Learning, and works closely in the OpenChat and Instagram communities. Our Events team (Hinata and Miyuki) thinks up activities and events for the community.

All of our team work hard to promote the use of English in our OpenChat, Instagram, and Events. Say hello to them today. But not until you sign up for our newsletter to keep you up to date!