Beer Garden

Have you ever been to “Beer garden”?
In summer we can go to many beer garden in Japan.
Today I will introduce about beer garden which is located in Yokohama.
“Bay side beer garden” is famous about varieties of beer. The theme is “World cruising”, so you can enjoy many kinds of beer. And you can also enjoy foreign food there.
Let’s enjoy beer during the summer vacation!



Shaved ice season has come.


Summer has come. Did you eat shaved ice this summer? I will introduce about famous shaved ice shop in Tokyo.
“ひみつ堂” is located in Daito-ku. The most famous menu is “strawberry milk”. Mr.Morinishi who is a shopkeeper of “ひみつ堂” produced addictive free syrup, and he uses hand powered shaved ice machine.
The price of “strawberry milk” is 600 yen.
Why don’t you go to “ひみつ堂” and enjoy the shaved ice?


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the Best bathing place in Japan

In japan, 3rd Monday of July is a national holiday. It called Marine day(海の日).
After the Marine day many people go to the sea, because water temperature become warm. So let me introduce about the best bathing place(海水浴場) in Japan.
Nisihama beach is known for the most beautiful beach in Japan. It is located in Hateruma island. It takes 5 or 6 hours from Tokyo to Hateruma island. It is not so far, but you have to take not only airplane but also ship and bus.
There are not so many building or people in Hateruma island, so you can just relax and enjoy the Nishihama beach.


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Have you ever been to Osaka? I go to there twice a year. I really like Osaka. Osaka has Universal Studio Japan. This summer Universal Studio Japan opened Harry Potter area. Too many tourists will go there. I think that area will be too crowded. If you want to go there, you will go after summer vacation. I recommend you will go there this fall.


I also recommen500_26537320d Daruma. It is pieces of pork shop. It is really famous shop in Japan. Many people line up to eat it in front of the shop. It is located Dotonbori. It is not so cross to Universal Studio Japan. It ta
kes about 30 minutes. If you will go Osaka, please go both places.


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Tomioka Silk Mill


3189185I’m going to talk about Tomioka Silk Mill. Tomioka Silk Mill is in Gunma, Japan. It became a world heritage last month. We can see that mill so many tourist go there.

Tomioka Silk Mill was founded in 1872. It was Meiji period in Japan. At that time, Japan was the Meiji Restoration so the mill produced too many silks and exported to Europe and the United States. The mill was so busy and didn’t have enough workers so too many women worked there like slaves.

10000147_3460_1I heard “Ah Nomugi Touge” was showed about women who working at Tomioka Silk Mill. It was old movie so I didn’t real information.






In summer we can go to many festivals in Japan. Let me introduce about Japanese summer festival.

At first I will talk about clothes. When people go to festival, many people wear “Yukata”. “Yukata” is a casual traditional clothing that is similar to “kimono”. It is made of a light material to stay cool in the summer, but the most important thing is not functual. Especially for girls, the most important thing is showing themselves more cuter than usual day.

Second I will talk about food cart. There are a lot of fod carts belong the road, we can eat many kind of foods during the festival. I think most famous food is “shaved ice topped with flavored syrup”. Usually there are 4 or 5 kinds of syrup, and we can shouse any syrup from those syrup. Of cause we can chose more than 2 syrup. For example: Lemon and cola.

Third I will talk about fire work. I think Japanese fire work is really nice and beautiful. It has really long history. The beginning of fire works is Edo. Now we can go to many fire works festival. One of the most famous fireworks festival in Japna is “Sumida river fire works festival”. This festival set off fireworks more than 20000 times.

     There are many good points about Japanese festival. Why don’t you experience cool of the evening in JAPAN.




Crocus Japan starts to sell new sandal, which is the motif of hamburger on July 17th. The sandals are sold in the online. Also the accessories, jibbitz which are put on Crocus are designed hamburgers potatoes and drinks.
It is really unique and looks really delicious, isn’t it?002l

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When Marnie Was There

STUDIO GHIBLI made new movie.


” When Marnie Was There”.
They are going to release on July 19.

Anna was said “She is enervation.” by adopted act parent and she didn’t have any friends.
She suffers from asthma, so she had to move a town close to sea.
One day, she found the old house. She make a friend who lived there. Her name is Marnie, but nobody knew her.

This editor made “A Borrower Arrietty”.
You will enjoy watching “When Marnie Was There” like “A Borrower Arrietty”.



societyJapanese national animation, “Doraemon” starts broadcasting in this summer in the U.S. “Doraemon” are already been broadcasting in 35 countries in the world and just lines are translated into other languages. However some scenes are changed to broadcast “Doraemon” in the U.S. This is because obesity is big problem in the U.S, so some scenes which Doraemon eats a lot of dorayaki are cut. Also names of the characters and the tools which are come out from Doraemon’s pocket are changed like Nobita as Noby, Jyaian as Big G, Dekisugi-kun as Ace and Dokodemo-doa as Anywhere Door. I’m glad that Doraemon is watched in many countries and I hope American people like it.



New Pronoun “xe” in Vancouver schools

The school board in the Canadian city has approved a new policy which allows students to use new gender-neutral word, “xe, xem and xyr” instesociety todayad of “he or she”, “him or her” and “him or hers”. According to a board member in the Canadian city, they stand up for kids making schools safer and more inclusive. And another change will allow children to choose to use any toilet facilities they prefer. However there are opponents and some of them think that six-year-old students are not qualified to understand the issue.

Do you agree with the policy? What do you think about it?