I would like to introduce about SAIPAN. I have been to SAIPAN seven times. when I was a child,  I went to there every year with my family.scuba
My favorite hotel is PIC. There are so many kind of pools around the hotel. The Hotel staff is very kind and friendly. Also, my favorite sea is Managaha island. It is really awesome ocean. If you go there, you can try Banana Boat and scuba diving and so on. Also, they can speak Japanese well. Therefore, if you can’t speak English, you don’t have to worry about it, and you can go there cheaply from Japan. I really recommend to go to SAIPAN.
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I’m going to talk about Okinawa. My father is from Okinawa so I know a little bit that culture. Okinawa is a little different from Tokyo or Osaka.

Okinawa is the most famous resort place in Japan. It has really beautiful beach and ocean. Okinawa has only one monorail. That’s why almost all adults have a driver license. And also they don’t like walking so they often use taxies. That price is cheaper than Tokyo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Okinawan people us592457e74b3922f4046bf40a6549eb5cually eat Goya. It’s a bitter vegetable. It looks like sponge gou

rd.  They mix Goya and spam pork. I think it is the most famous food in Okinawa.


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the Best bathing place in Japan

In japan, 3rd Monday of July is a national holiday. It called Marine day(海の日).
After the Marine day many people go to the sea, because water temperature become warm. So let me introduce about the best bathing place(海水浴場) in Japan.
Nisihama beach is known for the most beautiful beach in Japan. It is located in Hateruma island. It takes 5 or 6 hours from Tokyo to Hateruma island. It is not so far, but you have to take not only airplane but also ship and bus.
There are not so many building or people in Hateruma island, so you can just relax and enjoy the Nishihama beach.


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Have you ever been to Osaka? I go to there twice a year. I really like Osaka. Osaka has Universal Studio Japan. This summer Universal Studio Japan opened Harry Potter area. Too many tourists will go there. I think that area will be too crowded. If you want to go there, you will go after summer vacation. I recommend you will go there this fall.


I also recommen500_26537320d Daruma. It is pieces of pork shop. It is really famous shop in Japan. Many people line up to eat it in front of the shop. It is located Dotonbori. It is not so cross to Universal Studio Japan. It ta
kes about 30 minutes. If you will go Osaka, please go both places.


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Tomioka Silk Mill


3189185I’m going to talk about Tomioka Silk Mill. Tomioka Silk Mill is in Gunma, Japan. It became a world heritage last month. We can see that mill so many tourist go there.

Tomioka Silk Mill was founded in 1872. It was Meiji period in Japan. At that time, Japan was the Meiji Restoration so the mill produced too many silks and exported to Europe and the United States. The mill was so busy and didn’t have enough workers so too many women worked there like slaves.

10000147_3460_1I heard “Ah Nomugi Touge” was showed about women who working at Tomioka Silk Mill. It was old movie so I didn’t real information.



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sentg_pancanpanI watched a TV program which was about Pamana. Panama is the southernmost country of Central America and the whole of North America. So the weather is like the weather in Hawaii, It’s really comfortable to live. Many tourists from other countries go to Panama because English and Spanish are spoken there. There are many beautiful beaches, and also Panama is famous for Panama canal (canal de Panama).  It is a 77.1-kilometre  ship canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean  to the Pacific Ocean. The canal cuts across the Isthmus of Panama and is a key conduit for international maritime trade. I can’t believe that the canal was made many years ago, but it is still amazing. I really want to visit Panama before I die.

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TABILABO is the good Website to connect with the world and Japan. We can simulate the trip around the world on the Website. TABILABO posts some articles everyday. If we access the this Website, we can know what happened in the world. TABILABO started up on February 22th this year. The target of TABILABO is from teenagers to the first half of the 30s. Before going on a trip, we often go to a travel agency. However, it offers just pamphlets so we cannot examine specific images. If we check TABILABO before going on the trip, it is easy to image a country. For example, we can understand cultures and social problems in the country through TABILABO. I recommend that you will check it out when you go on a trip abroad.



Chinese Tourists

13-message98-02Recently, the number of Chinese tourists who visit Japan shows no signs of increasing. More than 200,000 people visited Japan from China in July 2012, before the bilateral dispute over the Senkaku Islands worsened. But after the relationship between China and Japan became bad, the monthly number plummeted below 60,000 in November and December. On the other hand, the number of Chinese tourists who visit America is increasing year by year. Tourism in America said “Chinese tourists are like walking wallet”. 110 million Chinese tourists visited America last year. On average, they spend $1,200 on shopping a person. More than half Chinese tourists say “the aim of going to America is to go shopping” so they don’t worry about a hotel and restaurant. Many expensive shops in America make a profit due to them. However, the attitude of them is a big problem. For example, some people break into the line and don’t flush a toilet. People in other country have bad image because of those Chinese tourists. They need to know common sense before going to other country.



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Miracle flower garden in Dubai

Dubai is famous for desert. There are no mountain and hill, of course, no river and lake. If people grow flowers and green, it need to make pretty effort, but there is miracle beautiful flower garden.
There is “Dubai miracle garden” near Moter city. It is very hot, so we should go there in morning or afternoon. People said that they wanted more green in Dubai. In order to these people, “Dubai miracle garden” was opened in this February. The garden’s width is for fifteen of Tokyo Dome. There are fifty-five kinds of flowers and fifty thousand’s flowers is in bloom. To water these flowers, people use recycled water. There are many flower’s various objects in this garden. A lot of people come here from all over the world. ドバイに巨大な奇跡の花園「ミラクルガーデン」が誕生img32a553adzikczj

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Yorii Hojyo Matsuri

imageI would like to introduce about a festival of my hometown. This festival is a reproduction of the battle in 1590. The battle happened in Yorii town, just north of Tokyo. The big inning of this festival is the kickoff ceremony of the battle with armor-clad warriors of five hundred strong and they march down the street.
After the parade they start the battle at Arakawa river. We can hear the report of guns and the voice of people. This battle is between Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ujikuni Hojyo. Hideyoshi attacked Odawara with 50,000 soldiers and Ujikuni met the approaching enemy with only 3,500 soldiers. You will be surprised by impact of this festival. See a short video here. image