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olloclipRecently, we use a lot of applications to enjoy our mobile phone. Even among them, we like using camera applications. These are used for taking faces, scenery, animals, flower and so on. However, to take a picture with mobile phone has a limit. So I recommend this to you, Olloclip. It is a lens to put on your phone. It has three or four types of functions: fish eye, wide angle and macro. It is a really small to carry. We can buy it for 10,000 yen or less. If you put on this, your camera’s function changes dramatically.


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“Once Upon a Time”

20140527-00010000-chibatopi-000-1-viewOnce Upon a Time” is new 3D projection mapping show at Tokyo Disney Land. Disney animated film projected onto the symbol of Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella Castle. Disney’s masterpiece “Cinderella”, “Alice  in Wonderland”, “Peter Pan”, and “Beauty and the Beast” project on the Cinderella castle which is a big screen. Not only the image on which it is projected from 20 projectors but special fireworks are utilized. It is the show which synchronizes with an image and music and we can be enjoyed with eyes and an ear!! In this show, many related goods such as a shining pendant, an iPhone case and a shining nano block are also released. If you’ll go to Tokyo Disney land, you should check this show and goods!!

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Yuzuru Hanyu victory parade in his hometown

DTMANAGE_000000020140427130829944-1The victory parade of Yuzuru Hanyu who won the gold medal in the figure skating boy of the Sochi Olympic was held in Sendai on April 26, 2014. 92,000 people gathered in the place along the route, and it blessed. Sendai, which is his hometown, was damaged by 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Hanyu said ” I’m glad to see many people who gathered the parade. I didn’t think that could have got gold medal four years ago. Please don’t forget about stricken area.”

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無題Nowadays some people like to film videos in thier daily life.  There is the best video-sharing app called Vine.  It is kind of similar to Instagram. But it’s not just any video-sharing app. It’s designed in a way for you to film short, separate instances so they can be linked together for a total of six seconds. Also you can put some effects. What the best point of using Vine is that you can share the videos on social networks easily. There is a chance that you could be a famous Viner! haha


Texting While Walking

2013122605Today, “texting while walking(歩きスマホ)” is a big problem in many countries. Many people read or write text messages while they are walking. The number of these accidents has increased year by year. Last year, a man who was reading text messages fell onto train tracks. Then, he was dead because he was run over by a train. We don’t understand how much dangerous texting while walking is. In Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States, people who read or write text messages while they are walking were fined $85. I think Japan should create rules to prevent accidents. Read more at healthline.


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LINE 1Nowadays, we can see a lot of young Japanese people who chat with their friends, parents via smartphone in train. Almost all of them use “LINE” for chatting. LINE is the most popular chat application in the world. Approximately 70percents of teenagers and also 80 percent of twenties’ Japanese use it. From the research, teenagers use LINE almost one hour on weekends. Moreover, some schools uses chat application for contacting between teachers and students. Teachers send instant short message about schedule and important things. When I heard this news, I thought this is one of big issues for young generations. I know this is the easiest way to make “relationship”

With “someone”, and I can tell what I feel and do without face to face communication. However, I think young generations are going to be hard to speak in front of people or think deeply. I also turn into parts of this. Looking back over my daily life, I spend more than one hour to use iPhone for searching unknown words, watching movies, chatting with my friends, tweeting, and posting Face Book. Therefore, I think I will try to do other things such as reading books instead of using iPhone.

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imageNow, it’s popular to remake “HAPPY” by Pharrell Williams. It’s hard for all of people to think what really happy is. The definition of happiness is totally different depending on people. It could be money, friends, family, hobby, work….. After came back to Japan, I realized how I was being happy to study in other country. The time in U.S is or will be my most important and educational time in my life. To continue such a nice time in Japan is kind of difficult. One of the reasons is I have to do more stuff than I was in U.S, so I can’t spend enough time for my learning.
Why are people learning? I guess study leads us to grow up even though it’s sometimes slow and failed. I don’t believe every effort make successes but at least people only who make efforts can get successes and I think the successes is connected to a happiness.

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Japanese Kotatsu

Japanese Traditional Kotatsu

Japanese cannot spend winter without Kotatsu.  Kotatsu is known by some European and American countries, even though they have never used.  It was said as the great invention same as Washlet.  Kotatsu is wooden table with an electric heater underneath covered by a quilt.

Kotatsu is originally invented by Zen priest in Muromachi Era.  The attractive points are the electricity bill is cheaper than air conditioner or floor heating, and it is very comfortable because you can feel warm directly.  So it has been loved for long time by Japanese.  Kotatsu represents Japanese winter and the happy time with family.  A French man, Olivier Caramelle is trying to sell Japanese Kotatsu in Europe.  According to the website, he was studying Japanese furniture for 20 years, and he thinks only 1 of 1000 people understand how Japanese furniture is great.  It sounds like it is difficult to spread this culture, but he says, about half of European people has habit of taking off their shoes in the house.  So he believes it is easy to spread Kotatsu in the world.  It costs lots of money if you buy Kotatsu out of Japan, so I hope it will be easy to get this convenient and great invention.

The video by a man exciting with Kotatsu is interesting, so please watch it!

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Railway technology

robe-rail with non-slip
straps with antibacteria

In addition to my post relating to bullet trains, Japanese trains have special 3 advantages which are lightweight, saving energy and noise reduction, according to Nikkei.

Because Japan is small country, trains are running nearby the houses.  This fact contributes the improvement of prevent noise from railways.  To fix this problem, Japan make vehicles lightweight and it lead to save energy.  These three advantages make Japanese trains special.  So it is even regarded as natural that Japanese typical trains are quiet and saving energy.  And even the high speed bullet trains should be quiet.  The point is Japanese railway companies and technology has been pursuing the quality which other countries don’t have.

In addition, from my view point, I am really proud of the antibacterial straps of the trains.  And the robe-rail near priority seats has non-slip effect of Seibu railways.  When you ride on the trains, you may feel Japanese railways companies are really caring about the passengers.

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Magic Cut

magiccut20090308103403562I am sure you have experienced that you sometimes spill the liquid everywhere, or stick the contents to hands, when opening a liquid pouch.  It makes us stressful, but “Magic Cut” allows you to cut it easily and you don’t have to dirty your hands.

Now, we have many of products with magic cut, but I want to tell you Magic cut is Japanese company created.  Asahikasei Packs have a registered trademark for 40 years, but only 10 to 20 percents of products are made by Asahikasei.  About 40 companies have a patent contract, and the amount of sales total is several hundred of billion, according to Mr. Matsushita in product development department in Asahikasei Packs.

The secret of magic cut is countless tiny holes at edge of pouches.  By continuous process of trial and error, they finally got a patent.  As I mentioned, Magic cat allows you to cut every edge of pouch, and control the size of opening.  Don’t you think it is great invention?

They still continue creating another product which can be substitute for rubber band, “Magic cut tape”.  This is a tape you can cut easily with hands even though it bands tight like rubber band.