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Is she maleficent??


I am going to talk about Akemi Darenogare. Akemi Darenogare who is a model and tarent changed as a maleficent. She was born in Brazil and she moved to Japan when she was 1 year old. This movie showed on July 5th. Angelina Jolie is broadcasted as a main character. She opened to the public on her Twitter. Her fans were surprised because she is like a real maleficent!! Stubasa masuwaka who is a model and tarent helped her to change.  Akemi and Stubasa are good friends. Stubasa used her cosmetics that was produced by her to change Akemi’s face. When I saw this picture, I was really surprised.



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Removal of Hair

In Japan, we could remove our hair of arms, legs, the side and body. Espcially the side hair is removed easily with salon. In my case, I can remove these about 200 yen!! It is so cheep for us. My friends do that too. Before removed my hair, I thought it has pain. But it is not painful. And we could finish it about 20 minute at once . So if you want to yjimageremove it has a value to try it. I strongly recommend you.


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olloclipRecently, we use a lot of applications to enjoy our mobile phone. Even among them, we like using camera applications. These are used for taking faces, scenery, animals, flower and so on. However, to take a picture with mobile phone has a limit. So I recommend this to you, Olloclip. It is a lens to put on your phone. It has three or four types of functions: fish eye, wide angle and macro. It is a really small to carry. We can buy it for 10,000 yen or less. If you put on this, your camera’s function changes dramatically.


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Trend of Yukata


These days we can see many varieties of Yukata. Today, I would like to write about Trend of Yukata. This year’s trend is classical patterns.
If you want to buy classical patterns, I recommend “ふりふ”.
“ふりふ” is a specialty store of Kimono and Yukata.
There are 4 shops in Tokyo(池袋・吉祥寺・渋谷・調布)and you can buy Yukata on-line.
The price is little expensive, but you can find your favorite one!
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The cool body treat

imageNowadays it is very hot weather. And you sweat a lot. Leaving sweat is stickiness and uncomfortable.

THE BODY SHOP has produced Sorbet because they are literally cool! It’s marketed as skin products that are perfect for summer to quench your skin from the heat. You have to keep it in a refrigerator. If you buy and use it, you can spend cool summer!!


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New Amelican brand

New American brand will advance into Japan. The name is “COS”, and it is sister’s brand of H & M. COS was born in London at first. COS means ” collection of Style”. There are clothes for women, men, and children. The first store will be opened in Aoyama. Now, there are ninety five stores all over the world. These price is little higher than H & M. Their feature is classic and modern. Quality and design are so good. It will became popular in Japan like H & M.cos

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Pencil Skirts

imageDo you like a fashion? Do you read a fashion magazine once a month?
Now pencil skirts is very popular among girls.

Pencil skirts is a slim-fitting skirt with a straight, narrow cut. Generally the hem falls to, or just below, the knee and is tailored for a close fit.
The reason of popular is that pencil skirts make your legs look long and slender.

Now there are many kind of pencil skirts at stores. You may find favorite pencil skirts.


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309451832_5c7b91d189Shibuya is one of the most popular tourist spot in Japan, and Shibuya station is known as one of the busiest stations in the world. As we all know, Hachiko (ハチ公) is the symbol of Shibuya, so I’m sure most of you have ever waited for your friends there. Just because Hachiko is a good landmark to wait for someone, sometimes it’s really hard to find them because of too many people. Shibuya Crossing is also famous. It is a big intersection which always crowded with a bunch of people. More than 3000 people walk through the crossing when the lights turn blue. Can you believe it? Whenever I go to Shibuya, I’m so annoyed because of many people but Shibuya is a really good place to go shopping and hang out with friends.



imagesMM8WY5W2Fashion is one of the biggest issues for Japanese girls. I think Japanese people always care about how they look from other people more than any other countries. We can see a big culture difference between Japan and America that how fashionable Japanese people are and how sold clothes in a store are cute. However, I have pro and con that people care about fashion. It’s fun especially for girls to wear what they want but also it’s tiring to always care about it. Once I lived in the U.S, it’s hard to get back to this life style because nobody care about my fashion in the U.S. Sometimes I really want to go back to the U.S for this reason lol


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fujitAfter Mt. Fuji became national heritage, unique T-shirts or other goods with Mt. Fuji motif are well-known gradually.  The trick of the T-shirt is, if you turn over the hem, Mt. Fuji will appear.  Don’t you think it is very cute idea?  These goods are produced by “goodbymarket” from Shizuoka.  The owner was also from Shizuoka, and he has been liked Mt. Fuji since his childhood.  Before climbing the mountain, he unconsciously picked the T-shirt’s hem and turn out on a mirror at home.  And he found it shaped like a mountain.  He drew colorful Mt. Fuji on the rear side of the shirt, and took picture of him turning the shirt out on the top of Mt. Fuji.  People were surprised and it made communication with them, he says.  Because he was wising to build a design company which connects people for a long time, he started producing the T-shirts soon.  This creative designed T-shirts are becoming popular by word of mouth.