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My Study Abroad Destination

CIMG1301University of Washington is one of famous university which is involved in Public Ivy. I studied there for one year and my major in UW was “International Studies” which we can learn about Global Health or International Relathionship between developed and developing countries  especially in Asia. Even though I chose International Studies as my Major, Primary care and Nursing in UW are the best all over the world. Also, this is famous for “Huskies”, because the main character of UW! You can see a lot of huskies around the campus. Also, the color of purple is school color. So, You can see a lot of student who wear purple clothes in the school Events.

Even though studying as a student sounds heard, I really recommend to study there. You can experience what is “real” American university students’ life is.



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Dormitory in Oxford University

Oxford universityP003_m is the third oldest university in the world and the oldest university in the U.K.

More than 50 people from the university got a Nobel prize and it is known as the place the imperial family goes to study abroad.  It is incredibly difficult to enter the university as its student, but we can still go there and stay in its dormitory like a student.  Oxford university let us stay in the dormitory rooms as a hotel, which students don’t use. Where we can stay is the real room that students of Oxford university live, so that we can see the real life of Oxford university students.

I want to visit and stay there someday and play Oxford university student.

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”ツ” is popular among oversea bloggers

The Blog has been the greatest communication tool to get in touch with people. Almost all bloggers are trying to make their blog popular by using some effective strategies. For example, they are always looking around the internet for their post. When it comes to blogging, people quite often use : ) or : < .  These kind of marks like people face is popular in all over the world.

Recently, people found the great use of  ”ツ” which is actually Japanese character in blogging and it has spread to the world. They use it as a smile face mark just like : ). For example, you can make (ツ). If you see it diagonally, you can recognize that it’s smile face easily. The boom of “ツ” in blogging first happened in middle east. And later people in the world started to use it. Check it out when you blog or tweet.

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Kana goes to Halifax, too.

Kana did the SAF program and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, just like Rina. She tells us about her family, her school, and the interesting things she did in Canada when she was there. Please take a look!

Kana goes to Halifax from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

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Rina Goes to Halifax

Rina did the SAF program and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin. Halifax is in Canada, and it is like a new Scotland. She tells us about her family, her school, and the interesting things she did in Canada when she was there. Please take a look!


Rina goes to Halifax from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

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If you are hijacked, what would you do?

We definitely need airplanes and ships when we go abroad. However, we can possibly face horrible situations when we are on these kind of vehicles. Hijacking is  the worst case in any other situation.

Currently, a new firm “Captain Philips” was came out. It’s based on a true story that happened in 2009. the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama is hijacked by pirates. this firm shows how captain Philips managed to survive from horrible situation. We can also see his courage to fight against pirates to protect his clues. If you like it, first watch a trailer.

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The amazing thing for non-Japanese women


Have you ever had experiences that  you were surprised with totally unfamiliar things in the foreign countries? Maybe many people have them at least once in your life. So now, I would like to introduce what makes non-Japanese women surprised most.

According to the World-biggest online travel agency, Expedia Inc., 200 non-Japanese women who live in Japan now say that the thing made them surprised most is “Otohime(Sound Princess)” which is the equipment set in the rest room and makes sounds for the etiquette and protect the privacy. They were surprised because they don’t have it in their countries. I also think it is very JAPANESE idea.

Do you know we even have the potable Otohime if you really want to be sure to have it because some of the old public rest rooms don’t have it.otohime

Japanese people started this kind of stuff because Japanese people feel ashamed when they go to the rest room so that they started to flush too many times inspite of the fact that they really don’t need to do so. It is absolutely wast of water and not green and then Japanese people invented Otohime. That is the origin of the Otohime.

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Cara Delvingne

blog2-4 caraCara Delvingne is the one of famous women models. She was born in 1992. She is 21 years old. She is an English fashion model. In 2011, she was featured in Burberry’s spring/summer 2011 campaign. Later, Cara became the face of Burberry’s spring/summer 2012 campaign. Now, she appears a lot of fashion magazines. And also she appeared at 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She is a top model of the world, but she is nice and friendly. When she takes private photos, she makes funny face on her face a lot. Her fashion style is getting attention to people concerned on fashion. She is also famous in japan. Recently, she showed in japanese girl’s fashion commercial “LA BOO”. We can’t take our eyes off Cara Delvingne!!

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Have you been a good girl for a year?

Everybody starts getting excited in December. When we walk along the street, we can see extremely ornate Christmas trees and hear fun Christmas songs. However, we can’t start talking it without Santa Claus!

Santa Clause is known as Saint Nicholas who is one of the saint representing education.  Our general image of him is wearing red coat, having white beard and reindeer ride. Although giving a gift for good children on Christmas night is what he does, in Germany people believe he has twin brother. He is in  black and brown coat and punish naughty children. Which Santa Claus comes to you?

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The world mysterious subculture

Young people often try to belong to the place where they can share their thoughts with others. And some teenager community seem to be very different.

Teen werewolves is one of the teen-age subcultures originally started to be seen in the U.S. among high school students. Bunch of students belonging to this niche community have a meeting at late at night (As you can imagine, full moon night!). They wear fake wolf tail, color lenses and sometimes even fang. Although they look evil, school teacher said they don’t cause any problems. Wolf packs also said they were just hanging out to have fun. Do you think you would like to join it?