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sentg_pancanpanI watched a TV program which was about Pamana. Panama is the southernmost country of Central America and the whole of North America. So the weather is like the weather in Hawaii, It’s really comfortable to live. Many tourists from other countries go to Panama because English and Spanish are spoken there. There are many beautiful beaches, and also Panama is famous for Panama canal (canal de Panama).  It is a 77.1-kilometre  ship canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean  to the Pacific Ocean. The canal cuts across the Isthmus of Panama and is a key conduit for international maritime trade. I can’t believe that the canal was made many years ago, but it is still amazing. I really want to visit Panama before I die.

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Japanese Technology : HITACHI

4d037b76According to Sankei, the biggest project in England of railway business has started by a Japanese company, HITACHI. The Japanese railway operation is getting attention by Europe countries in earnest.

The project by HITACHI is the renewal of the railways which are becoming too old in England, and to manufacture 866 trains and continue inspection for the coming 27 years. HITACHI decided to even build a factory in England and from 2016, they will start manufacturing the trains.

It is not the only tangible side featured such as speed, safety or accuracy of service. The real advantage of Japanese technology is the intangible which is the knowledge and skill required to operate the railway business. HITACHI is accepting to introduce the while Japanese technology to England. According to the CEO of HITACHI rail in Europe, he says, Japan has great technology and experience which has been operating the bullet trains for 50 years.

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Japanese Kawaii culture

f0215907_2259964Japanese and American fashion culture is completely different. Some people say American fashion is kind of boring, but Japanese girl admire for the style which is simple and cool. That’s the reason the brands of American Eagle or American Apparel is now popular in Japan. On the other hand, Japanese fashion is becoming popular to Asia, Europe and America girls as well. The famous fashion style to foreigners is “Gyaru fashion”. Actually this is very special and sometimes difficult to be accepted by all of Japanese. Gyaru culture has long history since 1970 and it continues changing. Each generation has trends of fashion items or hairstyle like long boots, getting suntan. It is quite difficult to define what exactly Gyaru is, but I can say all Gyaru has flashy makeup and hairstyle, and always be a center of attention. As I said, this culture has introduced to foreign. Let me share the famous blogger who is chosen as the most influence girl in Asia. She is Cheesie, a Malaysian girl. She first became to like Japanese manga, and currently she is a model and participates in events of Gyaru fashion brand. She really looks like Japanese, I think she completely adopt Japanese Cawaii culture. Japanese fashion magazines like “ViVi” or “S Cawaii”are also translated into another languages.  However, depends on countries, the trend of Gyaru is different.  Speaking of American Gyaru, girls tend to get suntan and flashy make up around eyes with fake eyelash which is little bit old in Japan. In Thailand, surprisingly colored dental orthodontic is the trend among young girls, according to Record China. When I hear that, I am not sure if they really follow the Japanese Cawaii culture, but it is true that foreign girls are really inspired by Japan.

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Beaujolais Nouveau for CATS?!

Nyan Nyan Nouveau

According to Buzz Feed, Japanese company, B&H Lifes first produced wines for cats named “Nyan-Nyan Nouveau” in November.  Nowadays, pets are regarded as a member of family and it is a trend people celebrate birthday or New Year with cakes or Osechi(Japanese traditional foods in bento box) for pets, actually, almost for dogs. In Japanese market, there are less special foods or drinks for cats, so this company decided to produce this cats’ wine.

This wine, “Nyan-Nyan Nouveau” contains glucose, silver vibe which cats love, and vitamin C as ingredient and it tastes actual wine even though it is non-alcohol.  However, according to the result of monitoring, it was proved that 90% of cats did not drink, the B&H Lifes says.  Even though cats dislike the wine, cat lovers are satisfied  with the moment  which the owner and cat are “celebrating” each event together.  “Nyan-nyan Nouveau” is 399 yen and you can get by online.

Because I have no pets, it is not easy for me to accept the culture of pets’ food or drinks.  But it is good thing our life is surely becoming to be affluent.


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All trade is not fair in the world

fairTradeLogoDo you know “Fairtrade?” Fairtrade offers producers a better deal, and allows them the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future. Actually, farmers and workers don’t always get a fair share of the benefits of trade. You can buy Fairtrade goods online or Fairtrade shops in Japan which sell Fairtrade goods. There are famous Fairtrade good like chocolate, coffee and handicrafts. These are not cheap, but all goods are really good quality. If you are interested in Fairtrade, let’s check it on the Internet!

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Tokyo Motor Show 2013


Tokyo Motor Show just started on November 23 at Tokyo Big Site.  This exhibition is international show of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, and is held once in two years hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association(JAMA).  Japanese big 14 companies including HONDA, TOYOTA, NISSAN and foreign 18 companies introduce 426 their most advanced design and function of products like eco-friendly car or sporty car to get attention especially by young generation who is beginning to lose interest in cars.  For example, this picture is TOYOTA i-ROAD, which is operated by leaning  the driver’s body.  In this exhibition, guests can not only see new cars, but also actually drive cars and see events there.  This is good opportunity to feel differences of all companies in one place, and the companies also can appeal their technologies to the world.  Automobiles make our lives more convenient and easy, but as energy technology and environment changes with times, we need to adapt our values of things.  It is good to know what technologies we have or how our future will be changed.

According to World Keizai Shinbun, 4 Japanese automakers, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA and SUZUKI are in top 10 in regard to auto sales in the world in 2012.  It shows Japanese companies are recognized for high technology.

This exhibition is 1500 yen each person.  It may be little expensive, but I would like people to visit there and feel close to car life.


The Financial Business

400px-Hanzawa“YARARETARA YARIKAEZU, BAIGAESIDA!!”  Are you watching a drama, “HANZAWANAOKI”?  I really like this!  Recently, it is the most high television rating drama in Kanto bloc in Japan.  However, this story has kind of specific Banking system.  So, I want to talk about few actual condition of Banking System of Japan.

Originally, the bank was lent out to the company and individual who need money which based on the deposit from the customers. And the Bank has raised the profit.  Of course, a securities firm and a life insurance companies, too.  And then, there is a problem few financial institutions get profits to use the company and speculation, without carrying out original financial business.  As a result, in order to yield huge profits, many financial institutions have run to speculation.  After finished Lehman Shock, everyone worried “how financial institutions would be”.  However, there are financial institutions which get profits by speculation until now.

According to Takuro Morinaga, an economic analyst, “the financial industry should recognize the role of an original financial institution, and should become faithful to foundations from now.”  It means supporting new businesses and promising companies in respect of funds.

Next year, I will work at a securities firm company.  Sometimes, I would work for profits, but I do not want to forget original financial business.

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Fireworks at Sumida River were cancelled…

96958A9C93819695E0E5E2E1968DE0E5E2E5E0E2E3E19191E3E2E2E2-DSXBZO5783151027072013I00002-PB1-17Fireworks is a one of the most popular Japanese summer events. Fireworks at Sumida river is the most popular fireworks event in Tokyo. Many people go there to watch fireworks every year. Of course, it would held in this summer as usual. But, it was cancelled because of  the strong thunderstorm.

July 27, 2013, fireworks started at Sumida river around 7 pm. About 780,000 people came there for watching fireworks. However,  rain started suddenly just 30 minuets later. And it became a thunderstorm. Unfortunately,  it could not help that the event was cancelled.  The event had never been cancelled. I hope it will be good weather next year.


What is “Abenomics”?

SHINZ_~1What is Abenomics? These are new economic policies by Shinzo Abe, the current Prime Minister of Japan. They consist of some ideas, “Three Arrows”, we call them. Economic Growth, Monetary policy…everyone can understand until here. The majority of people look forward to start a finance policy which Shinzo Abe will do, because there is a bad financial situation in Japan. If the Japanese economy gets better, a few major companies can raise salaries. People must be happy, are’t they?
How are Abenomics working? Here is an example of Abenomics. Haruhiko Kuroda, who is president of the Bank of Japan, mentioned “Different dimension relaxation”. He has a goal for inflation of a “price increase of 2 % in 2 years”. But, the turn of affairs is suspicious, stock price has stagnated.
And, Shinzo Abe mentioned an idea which would help women to return to their previous office after childbirth. Because according to research, Japanese women tend to retire after childbirth more than other developed countries. If all plans of Shinzo Abe start, will Japan change or not?
The majority of Japanese people are expecting this new policy, but I wonder how other countries think about Japanese economic policies in G8 summit.  After the Japanese House of Councillors election on July 21 , some countries evaluate it.  But, how does it advance so that Japan may not become disadvantageous?  We need watching how moves our current Prime Minister.

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Summer Internship

internship I am worried about job-hunting. Recently, some my friends change their hair color brown to black because we have to prepare for internship. I also decided to do internship and changed my hair color darker than before.

Internship is a method which you gain experiences through work before you start working. We can learn what we will do on the job in the future in advance. College students usually experience some of the internships, and then they try to do job-hunting.

I want to be a receptionist, so I will stay and work an old famous hotel for my internship. I am nervous that I will do internship from now. On the other hand, I am excited that what I can learn at the hotel!