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Cooking for mom on Mother’s Day

10291701_466105390195295_4889395363527674064_nMay 11th was Mother’s Day. My mom and I cooked together for a dinner. We made  potato soup, grilled chiken, grilled tuna and bread with avocado and cream cheese. I haven’t cooked with my mom a while, so that was very fun time for me. I don’t usually express my thankfulness to my mom because it’s a bit shame. Yet, I appriciate my mom especially when she let me study abroad. To show my gratitude, I must study and help my mom more to make her happy.



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Kana goes to Halifax, too.

Kana did the SAF program and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, just like Rina. She tells us about her family, her school, and the interesting things she did in Canada when she was there. Please take a look!

Kana goes to Halifax from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

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Rina Goes to Halifax

Rina did the SAF program and went to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin. Halifax is in Canada, and it is like a new Scotland. She tells us about her family, her school, and the interesting things she did in Canada when she was there. Please take a look!


Rina goes to Halifax from TokyoKevin on Vimeo.

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Christmas in Boston


Christmas is coming! Some stores start to play some christmas songs. Are you excited? Last year I was in Boston so I’ll try to remember and recommend some good spots to you in Boston.

At first, the lighting ceremony in Boston Common was great! There’s a stage around the big Christmas tree and some artists perform there before turning on a light. And finally the Christmas tree is lit lamps. It’s gorgeous! A number of people come see the ceremony, so it’s definitely so much crowded. If you want to see it well, go as early as you can. Also protect yourself against the cold because it must be very freezing.

The other is around the Quincy Market at Government Center. There’re some Christmas tree and the one at the end of the market is the biggest. It changes the lights while matching some Christmas songs. This is also wonderful!

Christmas season in Boston is just amazing. Go outside and explore!


Auntie Anne’s


Today I went to a pretzel shop called “Auntie Anne’s” in Futako-tamagawa with my friend. There are over 1000 stores all over the world, and Japan has 16 stores now.

There are many kinds of pretzel, and also surprisingly we can have clam chowder here! We had lived in Boston about 10 months last year, and pretzel and clam chowder are very popular in Boston. Today “Auntie Anne’s” reminded us of Boston life so much!

Both of them were very delicious! You should go there, especially if you want to feel Boston again.

友人と二子玉川にあるAuntie Anne’sという店でプレッツェルとクラムチャウダーを食べ、ボストンでの留学生活を懐かしみました。


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Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are a team of NBA (basketball). “Celtics” is named for a land where there are many Irish immigrants around Boston. The team’s logo is a Leprechaun which is a fairy in Irish transmission. Celtics got the most championships of all NBA teams. Their team color is almost green and white. Celtics play their home games at the TD Garden, which they share with the National Hockey League’s Boston Bruins. Why don’t you go to TD garden to cheer them up if you go to Boston?

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Lovely British Fashion Brand

jack wills

My favorite label is Jack Wills. I first went to the shop last year in Boston. I had been studying there. There is Newbury Street in Boston. The street is a shopping street. I like going shopping and going there. One day, I went to shopping as always. Then I found the shop accidentally.
Jack Wills was found in the United Kingdom in 1999. This label targets college students. There are 37 Jack Wills shops around the world. There are 6 the shops in the UK. This brand’s image is sporty and college school life. The label sell not only clothes but also stationary, furniture, cosmetics, and convenient goods a lot.
There is no Jack Wills in Japan now. I hope that the shop will be opened in Japan in the future!

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4th of JULY

blog10 4th of JULYDo you know what day is July 4th ? The answer is Independence Day of The U.S.A!!! Independence Day is known as 4th of JULY and very very important day for American people. The U.S.A separated from the Kingdom of Great Britain and published Declaration of Independence on 1776, JULY 4th and from that day, people decided that JULY 4th is official holiday. There are parades, carnivals, concerts, and speeches in the U.S.A every year and at last, fireworks were set off. Every American celebrate this day like Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you go to the U.S.A this time, you can see a lot of American flags. Happy Holiday!!

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Beautiful scenes in our country

Beautiful JapanAll over the world, we can experience various cultures. Countries have each their own good points. For example, people who live in foreign countries can see beautiful views which local people couldn’t notice.

We can see many beautiful views around the world such as church, castle, bridge, and other historical places. Although Japan also has them, we can’t notice in our daily life.

So I found this page which shows beautiful scenes of Japan. I was impressed by them. And I grew to love Japan afresh.

We can get a lot of information from not only Japan but also foreign countries. So I think seeing a thing from different sides is important.

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Cheesecake Factory

menu_Cheesecake_GodivaChoco1Do you know Cheesecake Factory? It is a famous chain restaurant in America.  If you have already been to Boston, you must know about the restaurant.  You can have a lot of delicious cheesecake.  My favorite cheesecake is GODIVA cheesecake.  Also you can have other delicious meals like hamburgers, pizza, pasta and more.  The famous meal at the Cheesecake Factory is Carbonara.  If you are going to Boston from this summer, you should go to the Cheesecake Factory and have fun with your friends.

Picture from Foodies with a Blog