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Xreading 7: Words Read vs Total Words

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OLN Xreading News: Tuesdays
This week: Words Read vs Total Words

Please note that in Xreading there are TWO measures of Words.

Total Words: Words from books you have opened, but not finished.
Words Read: Words from books you have finished, and taken (and passed) the quiz.

Words Read are the only ones that count for your grade.

In the example below we can see one student finished a book of 659 words. But she did not finish the other longer book. Even though she finished reading (100%), she did not do the quiz. So it does not count.






Unfortunately, on your phone, the WORDs that show for each Assignment are TOTAL Words, not Words Read. Please check and make sure you finish books and that any books with numbers in pink do not count.

If you have any further questions or problems with Xreading, please see me any Monday in the English Room at Lunch Time. Thank you for your interest.