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OLN Tool 6: Quizlet website

Tool of the Week: Quizlet




High school students in Silicon Valley near San Francisco are some of the most advanced computer users because many of their parents work in the computer industry, so they know how to study. Many of them use Quizlet to remember things. You can too.

Quizlet works like electronic flip cards, like the ones you used to test yourself in Junior High. But it does SO MUCH more. It can find translations for you to make your own cards, and you can share your card sets with your friends. There are thousands of sets already done for you to test yourself for TOEIC, or any other test. But I find making my own lists helps me remember best.

Quizlet monitors what you remember and what you don’t and asks you just at the right time to make your learning the best. Try it. You will like it. Here is a quiz about a Youtube video on Prison Food, which I made in less than 2 minutes.