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OLN Xreading News: Tuesdays
This week: What is XReading?

Xreading is a web-based software that takes away most of the problems of Extensive Reading and makes it easy to read. With paper books, you had to go to the library, search among stacks and stacks of books, check a book out, and return it after you were done. Then you had to write a book report to show the teacher you read the book. So much work!

With Xreading, you can be anywhere, and search your phone for the perfect book for your mood. You can choose it and start reading instantly. If you don’t like it, you can just start another. You don’t have to write a report, because the teacher can see when you are reading and even how fast you are reading. Your teacher can help you pick better books, and give you ideas about how to have more pleasure when you read. That is what Extensive Reading is all about, reading for pleasure. And Xreading makes that easier.