Have you ever been to Aquatica?
It is located in Florida.
I went to Aquatica last summer.fvxaquatica2
Aquatica is a water park. There are many kinds of pools. If you go there, you can enjoy 10 kinds of water slides and you can see many fish on the way to the flowing pool. My favorite place is the water slide, but this is not normal. Because of that, you can slide with a killer whale. Can you imagine that in Japan? I was really impressed. Also, you can enjoy amusement park. You can enjoy attraction and the killer whale show, dolphin show and seal show. If I would have kids in my future, I want to take them there!!!!

Cosmic Run

cosmic run partyWhen I lived Boston, I participated in Cosmic Run with my friends and RA. We put on some electrics and ran 5km with great music. Then, there are   so much color powder on the way to run. We threw and were covered with color powder. The goal was like a music party. There are DJs and sexy dancer girls on the stage. We enjoyed dancing and take photos with someone. Actually, I participated in similar event in Japan. However, it was small lot and low volume of music. Therefore, the US version of cosmic run is better.

アメリカと日本でcosmic run に参加しました。アメリカのほうが敷地が大きくて音楽も最高で盛り上がって楽しかったです。



I would like to introduce about SAIPAN. I have been to SAIPAN seven times. when I was a child,  I went to there every year with my family.scuba
My favorite hotel is PIC. There are so many kind of pools around the hotel. The Hotel staff is very kind and friendly. Also, my favorite sea is Managaha island. It is really awesome ocean. If you go there, you can try Banana Boat and scuba diving and so on. Also, they can speak Japanese well. Therefore, if you can’t speak English, you don’t have to worry about it, and you can go there cheaply from Japan. I really recommend to go to SAIPAN.
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The World Cup Is Over

ワールドカップ 開会式

I am going to talk about World Cup. The World Cup is over.
Germany won the championship at this games.
ジャパン ワールド
I saw the nearly games at  my house or sometimes went to sports bar. Japan missed advance to the knockout-stage.
I was shocked. However, I was so impressed. Because of that, they are tied firmly bond of Japan team. Nagatomo dropped tears at press conference. We knew he entrapped his all for this World Cup, When I watched his press conference.  Also, I enjoyed watching the supporters of all the countries. I could see cultures of each country. I stayed up late for a few weeks. However, I really enjoyed world cup this year. I am looking forward next world cup.
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shake shackHave you ever been to New York City? I love this city. Thre are many good foods, shops, buildings and people. I would like to talk about my favorite humburger.  My favorite humburger is SHAKE SHACK. shake shack
When my parents came to NEW YORK, I ate that. It was first time. The bun is soft, and meat is so juicy and vegetabe is fresh. I really like that one. After back to Boston,  I inspected where are there other places. They have same shop in Boston. Also, it is the next stop at nearlest station at Showa Boston. I went to there every months by work with my friends. Shake Shack is there is not in the west coast. If you have a chance to go to New York, Boston, Pensylvania, Florida, Whashington D.C, New Jersey and Coneticut, you should eat!! Don’t miss it!!!
アメリカの東海岸に行ったら一度はSHAKE SHACK を食べることをお勧めします。私の中での一番のハンバーガーです。
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Essa Bagel

Do you like bagel? My best favorite Bagel is Essa Begel. This is very very tasty bagel!!!essa
I ate this in New York . Essa Bagel is most popular in NYC and my favorite bagel’s shop in NYC. When I went to NY, I ate this Bagel every morning. My most recommend bagel is smkoe salmon with cream cheese. The bagel’s dough is chewy and too much cream cheese and salmon. It is awsome. Also, Essa Bagel has in Japan. Therefore, after back to Japan, I went to there. However, it is diffrent in NYC. Also, there aren’t topping like a salmon, cream cheese, peanut. I really miss New York Essa Bagel :(:(
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olloclipRecently, we use a lot of applications to enjoy our mobile phone. Even among them, we like using camera applications. These are used for taking faces, scenery, animals, flower and so on. However, to take a picture with mobile phone has a limit. So I recommend this to you, Olloclip. It is a lens to put on your phone. It has three or four types of functions: fish eye, wide angle and macro. It is a really small to carry. We can buy it for 10,000 yen or less. If you put on this, your camera’s function changes dramatically.