societyJapanese national animation, “Doraemon” starts broadcasting in this summer in the U.S. “Doraemon” are already been broadcasting in 35 countries in the world and just lines are translated into other languages. However some scenes are changed to broadcast “Doraemon” in the U.S. This is because obesity is big problem in the U.S, so some scenes which Doraemon eats a lot of dorayaki are cut. Also names of the characters and the tools which are come out from Doraemon’s pocket are changed like Nobita as Noby, Jyaian as Big G, Dekisugi-kun as Ace and Dokodemo-doa as Anywhere Door. I’m glad that Doraemon is watched in many countries and I hope American people like it.


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Sand Art

imagesCAT3KFUTSand Art is one of the art by sand. Performer draw a picture using the sand to the music. And then, the back light flash the sand on the glass, and performer will continue to expand the story. In Japan, sand art performance came to be known in 1996. Unlike other common artworks, in the case of sand art, the figure of the work will be lost in an instant like flow. However, it is still remaining in the hearts of people deeply even if it lost.

This is very fantastic and moving art.






New Pronoun “xe” in Vancouver schools

The school board in the Canadian city has approved a new policy which allows students to use new gender-neutral word, “xe, xem and xyr” instesociety todayad of “he or she”, “him or her” and “him or hers”. According to a board member in the Canadian city, they stand up for kids making schools safer and more inclusive. And another change will allow children to choose to use any toilet facilities they prefer. However there are opponents and some of them think that six-year-old students are not qualified to understand the issue.

Do you agree with the policy? What do you think about it?


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New Disney character “Gelatoni”

On June 30, the new friend of Duffy was announced. The friend’s name is “Gelatoni”. Gelatoni is eyes of an emerald color, and a long tail. The name is related to gelato that is Italian ice cream. One day, when Duffy was taking a walk, he dropped his gelato which he loved. Then Gelatoni appeared in front of him, and he drew the gelato’s picture. It was the start of a long friendship for them.A new character is for the first time in four years. The Duffy fan is looking forward to the appearance of Gelatoni. Gelatoni is also going to became popular like Duffy.