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TABILABO is the good Website to connect with the world and Japan. We can simulate the trip around the world on the Website. TABILABO posts some articles everyday. If we access the this Website, we can know what happened in the world. TABILABO started up on February 22th this year. The target of TABILABO is from teenagers to the first half of the 30s. Before going on a trip, we often go to a travel agency. However, it offers just pamphlets so we cannot examine specific images. If we check TABILABO before going on the trip, it is easy to image a country. For example, we can understand cultures and social problems in the country through TABILABO. I recommend that you will check it out when you go on a trip abroad.


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poster2Maleficent” is a commemoration work of the 90th anniversary of the founding of Walt Disney.”Maleficent” is a heroine of this movie and she is the evil fairy who put a curse on Princess Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty”. This is a dark fantasy and story of the ultimate love that gave birth to the curse of the “eternal sleep”. Angelina Jolie who is world famous actress plays the heroine.

If you watch this movie, you can know that her enigmatic past and the reason why did she put the curse of eternal sleep on Princess Aurora.

邪悪な妖精マレフィセントはなぜ“永遠の眠り”の呪いをかけたのか、すべての理由が今解き明かされる。 - 究極の愛の物語

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The cool body treat

imageNowadays it is very hot weather. And you sweat a lot. Leaving sweat is stickiness and uncomfortable.

THE BODY SHOP has produced Sorbet because they are literally cool! It’s marketed as skin products that are perfect for summer to quench your skin from the heat. You have to keep it in a refrigerator. If you buy and use it, you can spend cool summer!!


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Pikachu cafe

imagePublic presentation of the Pokemon movie latest work is commemorated, so Pokemon exhibition will be held at Roppongi Hills observatory on July 19 to August 31. You can watch the first to latest movie. During the exhibition, there is Pikachu cafe. In the cafe, if the hood menu and sweets which can be eaten only here can be enjoyed and also an original drink is ordered, coasters of special make will be given.

The original food and sweet are very cute! Let’s try it!





In summer we can go to many festivals in Japan. Let me introduce about Japanese summer festival.

At first I will talk about clothes. When people go to festival, many people wear “Yukata”. “Yukata” is a casual traditional clothing that is similar to “kimono”. It is made of a light material to stay cool in the summer, but the most important thing is not functual. Especially for girls, the most important thing is showing themselves more cuter than usual day.

Second I will talk about food cart. There are a lot of fod carts belong the road, we can eat many kind of foods during the festival. I think most famous food is “shaved ice topped with flavored syrup”. Usually there are 4 or 5 kinds of syrup, and we can shouse any syrup from those syrup. Of cause we can chose more than 2 syrup. For example: Lemon and cola.

Third I will talk about fire work. I think Japanese fire work is really nice and beautiful. It has really long history. The beginning of fire works is Edo. Now we can go to many fire works festival. One of the most famous fireworks festival in Japna is “Sumida river fire works festival”. This festival set off fireworks more than 20000 times.

     There are many good points about Japanese festival. Why don’t you experience cool of the evening in JAPAN.


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New Amelican brand

New American brand will advance into Japan. The name is “COS”, and it is sister’s brand of H & M. COS was born in London at first. COS means ” collection of Style”. There are clothes for women, men, and children. The first store will be opened in Aoyama. Now, there are ninety five stores all over the world. These price is little higher than H & M. Their feature is classic and modern. Quality and design are so good. It will became popular in Japan like H & M.cos



Crocus Japan starts to sell new sandal, which is the motif of hamburger on July 17th. The sandals are sold in the online. Also the accessories, jibbitz which are put on Crocus are designed hamburgers potatoes and drinks.
It is really unique and looks really delicious, isn’t it?002l

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Soccer World Cup

German defeated Argentina in finals of Soccer World Cup. Both of countries didn’t get any points until overtime. In overtime, German got 1 point and won the championship. It had been six times since German won, and this time was the championship of forth times. When eighサッカーワールドカップt minutes passed, Getze who appeared on the way made a goal in overtime. Coach said ”I am proud of all of players.

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Electric Run

ElectricRunOn July 11 and 12, “ELECTRIC RUN” was held at Inage Seaside Park in Chiba. This is an event to aim at the goal that participants who wearing the illuminations walk, run and dance while enjoying freely. Distance is about 5 km. After the goal, Finisher’s party is held and there are performances of light and sound by DJ. It is the running events of the night that everyone can enjoy without regard to age or sex.

世界中で大ブーム! 光を身につけて楽しむ夜のランニングイベント“ELECTRIC RUN”が日本に初上陸!!!


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When Marnie Was There

STUDIO GHIBLI made new movie.


” When Marnie Was There”.
They are going to release on July 19.

Anna was said “She is enervation.” by adopted act parent and she didn’t have any friends.
She suffers from asthma, so she had to move a town close to sea.
One day, she found the old house. She make a friend who lived there. Her name is Marnie, but nobody knew her.

This editor made “A Borrower Arrietty”.
You will enjoy watching “When Marnie Was There” like “A Borrower Arrietty”.