In summer we can go to many festivals in Japan. Let me introduce about Japanese summer festival.

At first I will talk about clothes. When people go to festival, many people wear “Yukata”. “Yukata” is a casual traditional clothing that is similar to “kimono”. It is made of a light material to stay cool in the summer, but the most important thing is not functual. Especially for girls, the most important thing is showing themselves more cuter than usual day.

Second I will talk about food cart. There are a lot of fod carts belong the road, we can eat many kind of foods during the festival. I think most famous food is “shaved ice topped with flavored syrup”. Usually there are 4 or 5 kinds of syrup, and we can shouse any syrup from those syrup. Of cause we can chose more than 2 syrup. For example: Lemon and cola.

Third I will talk about fire work. I think Japanese fire work is really nice and beautiful. It has really long history. The beginning of fire works is Edo. Now we can go to many fire works festival. One of the most famous fireworks festival in Japna is “Sumida river fire works festival”. This festival set off fireworks more than 20000 times.

     There are many good points about Japanese festival. Why don’t you experience cool of the evening in JAPAN.