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Electric Run

ElectricRunOn July 11 and 12, “ELECTRIC RUN” was held at Inage Seaside Park in Chiba. This is an event to aim at the goal that participants who wearing the illuminations walk, run and dance while enjoying freely. Distance is about 5 km. After the goal, Finisher’s party is held and there are performances of light and sound by DJ. It is the running events of the night that everyone can enjoy without regard to age or sex.

世界中で大ブーム! 光を身につけて楽しむ夜のランニングイベント“ELECTRIC RUN”が日本に初上陸!!!


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When Marnie Was There

STUDIO GHIBLI made new movie.


” When Marnie Was There”.
They are going to release on July 19.

Anna was said “She is enervation.” by adopted act parent and she didn’t have any friends.
She suffers from asthma, so she had to move a town close to sea.
One day, she found the old house. She make a friend who lived there. Her name is Marnie, but nobody knew her.

This editor made “A Borrower Arrietty”.
You will enjoy watching “When Marnie Was There” like “A Borrower Arrietty”.