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FIFA World Cup in Brazil

imagesCA61966OFinally, the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 13th. (Japan time) In the opening game, Brazil team faced the Croatia team. Brazil team completely won a victory in this game because Neymar who wearing uniform number 10 was active.

Japan is belonging to Group C, and the opponent countries are Cote d’Ivoire, Greece and Colombia. All teams are powerful enemies very much for Japan team because they ranks higher in FIFA than Japan. However, Japan team is superior to other teams in teamwork and offensive ability. Therefore, I think there is a good possibility that Japan team wins other teams, and Japan will advance to the finals tournament.

I’m looking forward to watching their game. They would show supporter of Japan the heated games. I can’t take my eyes off the FIFA World Cup. Let’s cheer Japan team together!!!!!