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Beer Mountain in Mt.Takao

Beer Mount in Mt.Takao

Hot summer is coming!

There are many summer features in Japan.

Beer Mount is one of the Beer gardens.

It opens every day, regardless of weather.

All you can eat and drink buffet. Maximum buffet time is two hours. There a lot of variety food, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and 30 different types of desserts and sweets. The price is 3,500yen for men, 3,000yen for women 1,500yen for children.The garden is open from late June to early October.

This beer garden is just under 600 meters elevation.

How to select your seat. There are three types of spaces and maximum 600seats on rainy days from 200 to300. It is Slav (Slav seat is where we can see a great landscape like a night view of Tokyo or Yokohama.), Garden and Hall. Slav is where we can enjoy the night view best. Garden is in the forest. We can enjoy the Mother Nature wholly. Hall is indoor seat.

Access: From Keio Line, Takaosanguchi station. It takes 6 minutes from cable car or chairlift.

I live in Hachioji city. So I can see the blight right of the beer garden from my house every season. This viewing makes me exciting every time! Why don’t you come to Mt.Takao and enjoy the food, drinks and also landscape!