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New icecream

Have you already eaten it?


Haagen-Dazs started to sell mini-cup spoon vege “Tomato and Cherry” and “Carrot and Orange” from May 12. These are unprecedented vegetable ice creams of creative which can taste a richly sweet flavor and acid taste of vegetables.


I tried to eat “Tomato and Cherry”. It was very good for me.

This is the best ice cream for people who like tomatoes.


By all means, please try that!




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Japanese bar

Japanese barJapanese people go to the bar when new employees enter a company as a salesman, they change their post, a New Year’s party, a year-end party, and so on. There are many foods and drinks in the Japanese bar. They enjoy spending with their employees. They talk a lot and drink and make merry. This is Japanese culture.


Japan Television

Japanese TV program “SASUKE”

SASUKEThis TV program started in 1997. Participants in the TV program try to clear each game. There are four athletic games, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and final stage. Participants have to clear many obstacles. Almost participants are trying to clear all games. “SASUKE” is televised in many countries. “SASUKE” is held in the United State. “SASUKE” will televise in July 3. This TV program is very popular in Japan. Check it out!!

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“Let It Go” Phenomenon

2_168183Do you know “Frozen”? I think most people know it.

This is Disney movie and it is popular with the wide age group between children and adults, and then it recorded a big hit of anomaly. The story is at once interesting and moving. However, the charm of this movie is not only nice stories and cute characters but also especially music.

Let It Go” is one of the theme song of Frozen. People who sing “Let It Go” has appeared one after another and “Let It Go” Phenomenon has been happening in Japan now. If you have never listened it, I recommend you to listen it soon!!!!!