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Hello Kitty turns 40

Hello Kitty is the most famous Japanese character all over the world. When I studied in the United States, even those who are not interested in Japan know her. Actually, 2014 is the 40th anniversary キャプチャof Hello Kitty! Sanrio character’s company, which has the license of Hello Kitty, has celebrated by using the Slogan “ARIGATO! HUG YOU!.” Therefore, many events are going to be planned all over the world. The Main event of this year is “global Hug project.” It is counting the people who hug with Hello Kitty. If you hug with her, you can receive the certificate. I want to participate in this event and feel that we connect with the world around someone through free Kitty’s hug.

Food and Drink Japan


AboutUs1Now, popcorn is extremely popular in Harajuku. The long line is made altogether at three popcorn shops in there. First, I want to introduce “Garrete Popcorn Shops“. This shop is well known to almost all young people. It was came from Chicago. Many people said this shop’s popcorn is little bit expensive, but very delicious. The most popular one in this shop is what mixed caramel Crisp and the cheese corn which are called the “Chicago mix”. You can go there easily, because it is near the Harajuku station. And, next is “Doc Popcorn”. This shop attracts attention considerably only by having opened on May 31. The feature of the popcorn of this shop is just going to use a natural material. Many people aren’t eat this shop’s popcorn yet. You should go to take in advance!! Last is “KuKuRuZa popcorn“. The original flavor of the popcorn here is popular. If you have never been to these 3 shops, I recommend to go and eat delicious popcorn!!