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The rainy season

Fotolia_29953155_SRainy season has just started in Japan. I don’t like this time of year, and I think that probably you guys don’t like it either, do you? However it is not so comfortable to being here especially in this season and whatever we do our skin get sticky with sweat because of humidity, this rainy season is really important season in Japan. We can’t live without water, so we have to store a lot of water at this time of year. I know some people are looking forward to summer, but it might be good to enjoy this season!

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Disney New Movie

youtube-big-hero-6-2Disney, who is setting up a new record in “Frozen” releases the animated feature film “Big Hero 6.” The hero of this movie is first Japanese in the Disney movie history!! This movie that is due to be released in the U.S. in November is a movie about Hiro Hamada who is a hero and robot made by him. It seems that an original is Marvel’s same name comic and the atmosphere of the work has become a comedy touch in this movie. And, It seems that it is considered as the town “San Fransokyo” which parodied “San francisco” and “Tokyo” on this movie although the original stage is Japan. I’m really looking forward to publishing this movie !! Please check this out : )