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3rd Cleanser for washing clothes

imageNowadays Japanese people absolutely use a washing machine. When you use it, what item do you need? Yes, cleanser. There are 2 types of cleansers, powder type and liquid form.

Recently P&G invented a new cleanser. It isn’t powder type or liquid form, but gel ball. It doesn’t need to measure. And the cleanser is contained ball, so your hands don’t get dirty! Are you interested in gel ball cleanser? Let’s try comparing gel ball and other cleanser.


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Made by candy!!

imageNowadays fake food accessories are popular among Japanese woman.
Especially fake sweets is popular among Japanese woman.

Nanaco plus+ make accessories by real candy! Nanaco plus+ is in Kyoto. The company think real candy is beautiful and delicate. They want to express that feature, so they use real candy.

They also make Japanese sweet accessories! If you have foreign friends, you should give them the accessories and you can introduce beauty of Japan!