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Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony is called Sado in Japan. Sado is an act to treat green tea to caller. Sennorikyu established Sado in the Aduchimomoyama. Era. It took ten years to establish it. Tea ceremony has many kinds. One is “Omotesenke”. It is the originator of tea ceremony. the other is “Urasenke”. Another is “Mushanokoji”. Urasenke is more gorgeous than others.

They have a green tea in tea ceremony. It called “maccha” in Japan. Maccha is a kind of green tea ceremony, they sit erect with their legs folded under theirs. After they eat Japanese cake, they drink “Maccha”. Because they feel refreshed drinking bitter “Maccha” after they eat sweet Japanese cake. 茶道は千利休が作った日本の伝統文化である。