Food and Drink

Cafe Kaila in Omotesando     Nowadays, Hawaiian food is popular in Japan.It includes pancake, French toast, egg benedict and acai bowl as representative foods. In these years,some restaurants came from Hawaii to Japan. “Café Kaila” that is Hawaiian restaurant came to Omotesando, and this restaurant has plenty of customers now. When we walk through Omotesando, we can see a long line near this restaurant.We have to wait around four hours to enter this restaurant. Of course, there are a lot of delicious Hawaiian foods there.”Kaila original pancake” is especially popular. Kaila means owner’s name of this restaurant. She thinks that breakfast is essential to a whole day. As a result, “Café Kaila” got “the best breakfast prize”. 表参道で話題のハワイから上陸したお店で美味しいハワイアンフードが食べられる。