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I guess many Japanese think it is so wonderful if we can live in Venice, Italy.

59601cadb9d07b9ded9131e00dbf991fBut I found some difficulties to live in Venice.

First, all roads are too narrow to use a car or train, so we must walk.

Second, there are so many bridges with stairs and no slope or something because they can’t make slope to keep historical place.

Third, there are so many visitors every day.  The population of Venice is 60 thousand and the number of the visitors is also 60 thousand.  So it is too crowded to move around easily.


And I guess the last one is the hardest situation; acqua alta (high water).  More than 50 times in a year, water comes to the city and back to the sea many times in a day.  So you have to walk on water and you have to move your stuff up and down to avoid water if you live in Venice.

I longed to live in Venice, but it doesn’t seem easy to live there.