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Japan has a traditional culture of comic story telling called Rakugo in Japanese.  The difference from Manzai or comedians on TV, a story teller called Rakugoka perform sitting on his/her knees, dressed in Kimono and with a fan and towel as props.  Rakugo seems old, boring, but it actually tells funny story with gestures, facial expression and voice inflection.  Audience needs imagination to enjoy Rakugo.

There is a Japanese Rakugo profession who spreads Rakugo to overseas.  He is KAISHI KATSURA(桂 かい枝).  He started translation Japanese Rakugo story into English and has held many English Rrakugo performances in about 15 countries.  Now he had produced English Rakugo by American contest.  According to Mr. Katsura, he says you don’t need to have English ability.  Rakugo needs only imagination, so it doesn’t need cultural understanding or English words.  Not only English speakers, but Japanese will be able to enjoy special Rakugo.  If you want to try watching English Rakugo, go to Youtube and laugh loudly!!