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robe-rail with non-slip
straps with antibacteria

In addition to my post relating to bullet trains, Japanese trains have special 3 advantages which are lightweight, saving energy and noise reduction, according to Nikkei.

Because Japan is small country, trains are running nearby the houses.  This fact contributes the improvement of prevent noise from railways.  To fix this problem, Japan make vehicles lightweight and it lead to save energy.  These three advantages make Japanese trains special.  So it is even regarded as natural that Japanese typical trains are quiet and saving energy.  And even the high speed bullet trains should be quiet.  The point is Japanese railway companies and technology has been pursuing the quality which other countries don’t have.

In addition, from my view point, I am really proud of the antibacterial straps of the trains.  And the robe-rail near priority seats has non-slip effect of Seibu railways.  When you ride on the trains, you may feel Japanese railways companies are really caring about the passengers.