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Japanese wrapping technique

I have heard that foreign people are surprising about the Japanese wrapping technique.  The reason is Japanese wrapping is beautiful and very attentive, and speedy.  The Youtube video introducing wrapping by Japanese is full of compliment comments.  We can surprisingly make the wrapping paper shaped of a shirt of dress.

So what is different from the US?  When I was in the US, I asked  a clerk to make the product for a present.  But most of shop clerk just put it into a box or a bag, even it is a department store.   The other hand, there were many variety of wrapping materials at shops.  In other words, it make people exciting to choose wrapping paper and prepare for giving it by themselves with thinking the person.paper shaped of a shirt of dress.

Even so,  it is difficult to wrap something beautifully so I am always surprised by the technique Japanese clerk wrap anything like bottles or balls.  I have no idea that they are trained or not, but I am sure Japanese are naturally skillful with their hands.  I think it is because we originally have culture of Origami or custom to wrap something with Furoshiki.  And with “wrapping” gifts, we have expressed our thoughts toward the person.  I think the custom and humanity creates the wrapping skill in the present days.