Japanese style wedding



Recently, my relative had marriage ceremony.  She wore wedding dress which is always girls’ dream, but she had Japanese style wedding ceremony wearing Shiromuku.  I would like to introduce Shiromuku and Japanese style wedding.  Japan used to do Shinto-style wedding at a shrine, while wedding at a church is popular in Japan.  The big different is, a bride wears Shiromuku, a kind of white colored Kimono.  In ancient age, not only wedding, but they were wearing at a childbirth, funeral, and even seppuku.  Same as wedding dress, white color symbolizes purity and the bride’s willingness to be dyed to her new family.  In addition to Shiromuku, a bride wears a special white hat called watabousi.  Watabousi is originally worn as protection against the cold or dust, in Edo era.  But as wedding ceremony, its hat is to not to show her face except her groom before the ceremony.  The meaning of Wataboushi is same as wedding vale, I think.  Differently from Shiromuku, Irouchikake is gorgeous and various colored Kimono.  It makes the ceremony modern atmosphere.  A bride can enjoy arrangement of her hair so I think it is more familiar than Shiromuku.  Today church style ceremony is popular and even Japanese tend to have ceremony outside of Japan.  But I would like to have Shinto-style wedding ceremony to take advantage of Japanese.  I am sure Shiromuku definitely suite only Asian, especially Japanese.