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Cold Stone Creamery


I work at Cold Stone Creamery as a part-time job, so let me introduce it!

Cold Stone Creamery is the ice cream shop from America. First shop was opened in Arizona. There are over 1000 stores in America, and there are many stores all over the world now. Japan has about 40 stores now, and the first store is located in Roppongi Hills. It was opened in 2005.

This shop is very famous and popular, because crews sing songs while they mix the icecream and topping on a cold stone. We sing songs in English.

I want to show one new ice cream!
“Winter Mille-feuille Wishes”! The based ice cream is custard one, and mix-in are strawberry, strawberry sauce and pie! It is very delicious and the crunchy texture is fun! I recommend it. We can have it only from November 1 to December 25.

You can feel entertainment in Cold Stone Creamery. You should go if you have never been there.