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3D Projection Mapping

Illumination at Marunouchi

3D projection mapping is the technology of visual expression which reflects images on buildings and it creates special visual effect.

Not on a screen at a movie theater, this technology makes the familiar spaces or buildings completely and makes new world.  It originally became popular in Europe, and in 2011, this event became popular in Japan.  The most famous is “Tokyo Station Vision” of Tokyo station in Marunouchi.  This is anniversary event of renewal of Tokyo station.  If you watch the video, you will see how beautiful.   Not only the event, Marunouchi is currently very beautiful with  about 1 million of LED bulbs.

The projection mapping in Tokyo is great, but I recommend the sand statue in The Sand Museum in Tottori, though its event was already finished.  Even the 3D projection was finished, you can see one part of the event on Youtube.  And these Tokyo and Tottori projection mapping are held every year, so check this out!