Japan travel



Recently, I am really attracted by Yakushima Island seeing pictures.  Unfortunately I have never been there, but this is where I want to go till I die.  I am going to introduce attractive points of Yakushima Island.

The most famous sightseeing point is Jyomonsugi.  This height is 30m, and the age is over 3000 years.  This size of tree will astonish you.  Why don’t you receive its power?






A forest of Mononoke

Second, I recommend visiting a forest which became model of Princess Mononoke.  It is said that Hayao Miyazaki visited many times to image scenes of the film.  The fee is 300 yen.






Water Sledding

In addition, you can enjoy scuba diving, and water sledding made by natural huge rocks.  You will feel nature if you go to Yakushima, so I strongly recommend.