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The amazing thing for non-Japanese women


Have you ever had experiences that  you were surprised with totally unfamiliar things in the foreign countries? Maybe many people have them at least once in your life. So now, I would like to introduce what makes non-Japanese women surprised most.

According to the World-biggest online travel agency, Expedia Inc., 200 non-Japanese women who live in Japan now say that the thing made them surprised most is “Otohime(Sound Princess)” which is the equipment set in the rest room and makes sounds for the etiquette and protect the privacy. They were surprised because they don’t have it in their countries. I also think it is very JAPANESE idea.

Do you know we even have the potable Otohime if you really want to be sure to have it because some of the old public rest rooms don’t have it.otohime

Japanese people started this kind of stuff because Japanese people feel ashamed when they go to the rest room so that they started to flush too many times inspite of the fact that they really don’t need to do so. It is absolutely wast of water and not green and then Japanese people invented Otohime. That is the origin of the Otohime.