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2013-08-08-095709Can you image what the ramen burger is like without seeing the picture?  This burger is now long seller in NY.  This kind of burger was first sold by Lotteria as”Menya Musashi Ramen Bueger(麺屋武蔵ラーメンバーガー)”, but it is not still famous.

In the last August, this Ramen burger was sold at Food Festival in Brooklyn, and about 500 of customers were in line in the rain.

This burger was by KEIZO SHIMAMOTO who learned making Ramen in Japan, and he is Japanese American.  The ramen burger was soy source taste, and noodles are baked hard instead of bans.  Inside is sweet-chili source, meat pate, and some vegetables.  I couldn’t still image the food texture, but I like his idea because Americans love both Ramen and hamburgers.