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Japanese Mayonnaise

00000002491-1In 2010, Japanese Kewpie corporation mayonnaise recorded No.1 sales in in America.  Also Japan is the second consumption country, according to a Japanese TV.  Most of Japanese people love mayonnaise, and Japan has many dishes using mayonnaise like Okonomiyaki, rice balls or pizza. I have heard foreigners usually use it only for vegetable sticks or French fries. And they say it is surprising Japan use mayo a lot and Japanese mayonnaise is tasty.  So what is the special feature of Japanese mayonnaise?

First, the most popular company, Kewpie mayonnaise corp. use only yolks of eggs, even though using whole eggs is the mainstream in the world.  Yolks make the products more creamy and rich taste.

Second, according to Kewpie, the polyethylene bottle, differently from glass bottle, is the big point to keep contents fresh.  They pile polyethylene up in layers to protect from oxygen.

Third is the different of vinegar.  Japanese mayonnaise is using rice vinegar, while distilled vinegar is the main in America.  And In France, they use mainly wine vinegar.  The special feature of rice vinegar in Japan is soft and smooth taste, so it caused tasty mayonnaise which matches with any foods.

In this video, a man is surprising weird mayonnaise foods at Mayonnaise Kitchen in Japan.  I was surprised this kind of restaurant exist, but I want to visit once.