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Difference of Zenzai and Shiruko

DSC04260In winter, many of Japanese eat moch with soybean flour, soy source and grating raddish etc…  We have other way to eat mochi such as Zenzai and Shiruko.  These two are both Japanese sweets of red bean soup made with Azuki beans and mochi.  Then I wonder what the difference is.  I found the definition is different whether Kanto or Kansai.

In Kanto, Zenzai is not soup.  This is a sweet of mochi with red bean paste, while Shiruko is basically Zenzai added red bean soup.

On the other hand, In Kanto area, Zenzai is regarded as soup of mochi and red bean jam containing while beans.  Shiruko of Kanto area is mochi and strained red bean paste.

It is little bit complicating for people who are not use to the sweets,  but all I want to say is it is very delicious and I would foreigners to try it even though this looks honestly not good…