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Russian Men


A surprising news that I would like to share with you all!

Did you know many of the Russian men die quite early? It was new to me.

Quarter of Russian men die before 55. Especially from the Japanese point of view, that is totally too young to die since Japan isknown as the country which has the longest life span avarage record, right? 79 is the average life span of the Japanese men. Even though Japanese men live shorter than women, the average is still longer than Russian.

More amazing thing is the reason of their short life. Can you imagine? According to the investigation done by Oxford University and other, it is mostly because of the reasons related to alcohol. For instance, alcoholism, accident, violence or suiside comes from alcohol so on and so forth. Even drinking too much vodka is one of the serious reasons. It is so serious that more than half of them couldn’t complete the investigation because they died during the investigation.

I’m not a heavy drinker at all though I want to be carefull about the amount of the alcohol and live longer as much as I can stay healthy.