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Japanese Technology : HITACHI

4d037b76According to Sankei, the biggest project in England of railway business has started by a Japanese company, HITACHI. The Japanese railway operation is getting attention by Europe countries in earnest.

The project by HITACHI is the renewal of the railways which are becoming too old in England, and to manufacture 866 trains and continue inspection for the coming 27 years. HITACHI decided to even build a factory in England and from 2016, they will start manufacturing the trains.

It is not the only tangible side featured such as speed, safety or accuracy of service. The real advantage of Japanese technology is the intangible which is the knowledge and skill required to operate the railway business. HITACHI is accepting to introduce the while Japanese technology to England. According to the CEO of HITACHI rail in Europe, he says, Japan has great technology and experience which has been operating the bullet trains for 50 years.