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Funassyi: A local character in Chiba

ふなっしimagesCA2MSN3QDo you know Funassyi ?  He is a mascot character of Funabashi city, Chiba prefecture and one of the ゆるキャラ.  ゆるキャラ means loose character.  Recently, many kinds of ゆるキャラ are popular in Japan because they makes us heal.  Particularly, Funassyi is active in many TVs or events.  He is a motif of the pear because pears are a special product in Chiba prefecture.  His characteristic is a jumping ability.  He can jump 30 to 50 centimaters.  Also I live in Funabashi city so, Funassyi is my city’s symbol character.  I know his house but I have never met him so some day I want to see him.