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Where did sweet sushi come from?

chocolate raspberry sushi

It is interesting to know the history of the things that you know about and that you haven’t researched about.

For example, the fact that Hello Kitty or Mario was born in Japan may surprise people in America. I know some of them believe that they are from America. Do you know where Sushi came from? Don’t you think that every Sushi is Nigiri-Zushi style? Actually the origin of Sushi is Asian country, not Japan. It was made to preserve row fish for a long time by the people living in the far place from the river.  The time when the people in Japan started eating Sushi was the Nara period. And it was called Nare-Zushi. It is different from Nigiri, it is like fish is fermented with salt and rice. Nigiri-Zushi, everyone knows, is made in the Edo period surprisingly.

Now, Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese cultures. It goes over seas and very popular because of it’s health.  Nowadays, some other countries arrange Japanese traditional Sushi. French’s Sushi is used as  a sweet desert. Norway’s Sushi uses cream cheese and strawberry. Brazil’s Sushi uses banana and some cream. I think it is interesting to mix some other cultures and make new food culture.