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Breakfast_by_Ms_President_at_a_hotel_in_Naoshima,_KagawaWashoku has officially recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.

Because Japanese food is known to people in the world as healthy, the value of Japanese cuisine was first recognized on 4th, December.  As the proposal by the Japanese government, they regarded Japanese cuisine as social convention which is an embodiment of Japanese spirit of appreciation to nature from old times.  In other words, we respect various and fresh ingredients, and Japanese well-balanced healthy eating habit.  In addition, it is related to the beauty of nature and the way to express of seasons.

The special feature of Japanese food is, I think, the beauty of Japanese dishes and the each food ingredient which we don’t have to use thick taste seasoning.  I sometimes eat Sushi with salt.  I want to say simple is the best and hope “real” Japanese food, not “Chinese, Japanese food”, will introduce to the world.