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Tokyo to host 2020 Olympic games

tokyo_candidate_city_2020_olympics-1024x576Finally, Tokyo has been chosen to host 2020 Olympic Games.  The passionate speeches by the Japanese presenters were very impressing, especially the presentation by a Japanese announcer, Christel Takigawa.  Her speech was very attractive with the fluent French, elegant smile and of course, the contents.  “Omotenashi” she first mentioned which expresses Japanese hospitality spirit became a buzzword, and I think she was right to emphasize this word to the IOC.

I have some points which I have felt “Omotenashi” in Japan.  For example, at most of restaurants, a waiter gave me an unfold towel directly to my hand sooner after I took a seat.  I think this is one of Omotenashi spirits.  Second, the most famous fact is Japanese trains will mostly be on time.  We are getting used in the custom, but we must not think this is natural.  Trains are on time is the result of train staffs’ politeness hoping every people will use trains safety and pleasantly every day.  I think it was hard to find hospitality for us, Japanese, but there are so much facts which we will be proud of Japan.

I’m sure that IOC never regret about the decision.  Every visitors and athletes will enjoy staying and make wonderful memories in Tokyo.