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Telephone covered by Japanese instrument


One day, I found interesting video on Youtube!

Lady Gaga’s song, Telephone was reborn by a Japanese artist and it is getting attention on internet.  This music was covered with Japanese traditional instruments, Syakuhachi and Koto, and two ladies were performing dance wearing Kimono at the same time which gave us huge impact.

This is original ”Telephone” so let’s compare these two music.  I feel the arranged version is more cool.  Which do you prefer?  I am shameful but I did not  have much interest in Japanese instruments before watching this video, but I thought this arrangement will make us feel more familiar to Japanese tradition.

By the way, this musician who arranged Telephone is Kouzan Ishikura, a Syakuhachi player.  He started this arrangement to give appreciation to Lady Gaga supported The Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami.

His other videos are also wonderful so check this out!