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Morning Musume

Morning Musume。

I guess, most of people both foreigners and Japanese think the most major and popular idol is AKB48.  And the members of AKB48 are ranked in the talent power scores in NIKKEI entertainment magazine, according to this English website, aramatheydidn’t.

However, I would like to introduce Morning Musume。 as currently the top idol in Japan.  As I think that what the differences among another Japanese idol are, I found that all members have  talent as artist by nature and the pride as a professional.  The group’s vertical relationship is very strict and all members think each other as a rival.  This organization and their competitive spirits make their singing and dance always “high-quality” in every generation from 1999 to now.

Their long history can be divided in 3, “golden”, “platinum” and finally they are in line with “Electronic Dance Music performance”, and this is one of their attractive point which we can enjoy these different colors.

Finally, I would like you to see their formation dance in this video.  I can picture they were practicing again and again, and I can understand why they are not on the TV show very much.  I think they and the producer, all staffs wish to be high-quality singers, more than to be famous.

That’s why I love Morning Musume。.