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Japanese Kawaii culture

f0215907_2259964Japanese and American fashion culture is completely different. Some people say American fashion is kind of boring, but Japanese girl admire for the style which is simple and cool. That’s the reason the brands of American Eagle or American Apparel is now popular in Japan. On the other hand, Japanese fashion is becoming popular to Asia, Europe and America girls as well. The famous fashion style to foreigners is “Gyaru fashion”. Actually this is very special and sometimes difficult to be accepted by all of Japanese. Gyaru culture has long history since 1970 and it continues changing. Each generation has trends of fashion items or hairstyle like long boots, getting suntan. It is quite difficult to define what exactly Gyaru is, but I can say all Gyaru has flashy makeup and hairstyle, and always be a center of attention. As I said, this culture has introduced to foreign. Let me share the famous blogger who is chosen as the most influence girl in Asia. She is Cheesie, a Malaysian girl. She first became to like Japanese manga, and currently she is a model and participates in events of Gyaru fashion brand. She really looks like Japanese, I think she completely adopt Japanese Cawaii culture. Japanese fashion magazines like “ViVi” or “S Cawaii”are also translated into another languages.  However, depends on countries, the trend of Gyaru is different.  Speaking of American Gyaru, girls tend to get suntan and flashy make up around eyes with fake eyelash which is little bit old in Japan. In Thailand, surprisingly colored dental orthodontic is the trend among young girls, according to Record China. When I hear that, I am not sure if they really follow the Japanese Cawaii culture, but it is true that foreign girls are really inspired by Japan.