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August 15: Memorial Day

P1110628I actually have another opinion of the most important holiday for Japanese which Mr. Ryan questioned.  The second important day for Japanese is I think, the Memorial Day for the end of the war, even though the day is not holiday.  As you know, on August 15th, Japan announced an unconditional surrender to the world and Japan, and finally, the world war Ⅱ was ended. For the people in the present age, this day reminds us of the day the atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima even though we experience, and it teach us that we will never start a new war not to waste people’s death.  Because of the day, we can live the peaceful life without any wars in this unstable society.  I have no idea that the 2 bombs were right or not, however, it is true the bombs let the war end.  Thanks to the victims of the war, we can live currently.  So the Memorial Day for the end of the war is important for us because we should pray and tell our appreciation to them.