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Volcanic ashes from Sakurajima go to…

Sakurajima explosion

Nowadays, Sakurajima in Kagoshima prefecture is erupting repeatedly.  All of Japan is worried about the eruption, while the local people take it well as usual.  They know how to get along with the natural disaster for a long time, even though the traffic light went down and tons of ashes covered their houses.  By the way, do you know where the volcanic ashes go to after eruption?  In the fact, the ashes can be changed as resources which are good for ecology.  The local people know how to reuse the troublesome ashes and they actually make soaps, beauty goods, and blocks which the grasses will be planted to.





A mug made of volcanic ashes

Then, there is a male designer who runs a ceramic wares shop named ONE KLIN, and he uses volcanic ashes from Sakurajima as the material of making the products in Kagoshima.  His name is Yusuke Shiroto and was born in Kagoshima.  The ceramic wares which are used volcanic ashes create rough and characteristic texture of the material as if it was made of ironware.  This is a blog post introducing Mr. Shiroto and his product, so please check this out.

Because of the ashes, most of local people were in trouble even though they are used to.  I hope this kind of ceramic ware will be known as the local specialty in Kagoshima, and a part of the sales or advantages will be helpful for getting along with the natural disaster.  Troublesome ashes can be changed to the great products and it might be change the future of the world, too.  Don’ you think it depends on how you look at it?