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Tokyo Motor Show 2013


Tokyo Motor Show just started on November 23 at Tokyo Big Site.  This exhibition is international show of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, and is held once in two years hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association(JAMA).  Japanese big 14 companies including HONDA, TOYOTA, NISSAN and foreign 18 companies introduce 426 their most advanced design and function of products like eco-friendly car or sporty car to get attention especially by young generation who is beginning to lose interest in cars.  For example, this picture is TOYOTA i-ROAD, which is operated by leaning  the driver’s body.  In this exhibition, guests can not only see new cars, but also actually drive cars and see events there.  This is good opportunity to feel differences of all companies in one place, and the companies also can appeal their technologies to the world.  Automobiles make our lives more convenient and easy, but as energy technology and environment changes with times, we need to adapt our values of things.  It is good to know what technologies we have or how our future will be changed.

According to World Keizai Shinbun, 4 Japanese automakers, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA and SUZUKI are in top 10 in regard to auto sales in the world in 2012.  It shows Japanese companies are recognized for high technology.

This exhibition is 1500 yen each person.  It may be little expensive, but I would like people to visit there and feel close to car life.