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Have you been to Nabezo? It’s a shabu-shabu/sukiyaki all you can eat restaurant. Recently 2 stores in Shibuya were beautifully redecorated and also some contents were changed. Before that, all you can eat for 90 minutes costs 1980 yen and it included only meat and vegetables. On the other hand, now it costs 2480 yen. Though it makes you feel expensive, it includes meat, vegetables, side menu such as udon or fish ball etc, spices and even dessert! Also you can choose 2 kinds of soups from Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki, Shio-tonkotsu, Umakara-kimchi and Tounyu-collagen and meat is 3 kinds, beef, pork and chicken. Only drinks cost separately. What do you think about this renewal? More details are here. Do come and see it!